How to Thrive at Keller Williams Family Reunion

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How to Thrive at Keller Williams Family Reunion

KWFR is Keller Williams’s biggest event of the year. It’s fun, educational, exhausting and worth every penny.  

The agenda

Start with a plan! Why are you attending? Set goals, what do you want to learn? Not sure, then what is lacking in your business? Where do you need to improve? So much info will be shared; you will not be able to learn it all. Pick three things to take home with you. Look at the schedule and see the classes that are offered, make a plan. Also make a backup plan. If you are in a breakout and after 15-20 minutes it doesn’t feel right. Have a backup breakout. Some of the breakout fills to capacity, so you need to plan ahead and arrive early.  There is usually a time for Q and A, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions.  

Who do you want to meet? Often the presenters like to meet people and get feedback or get even deeper into a topic. Keep in mind everyone is there to network, talk to them!

Know your numbers! This is a business of numbers and you should be focused on them year-round anyway!

The Vendor area

The vendors have been vetted and are great. However don’t spend your money on “shinny objects” and be real about what your business needs. Have a list of what you want and stick to it, LEAD WITH REVENUE! Does the product solve a problem you had on your list prior to the event? There are lots of options for clothing with KW logo, it that is your style leave space in your suitcase for some.


You will see everything from people dressed to the “9’s” in high heels and dress to jeans and t-shirts. Many of the agents are traveling to and from FR on Sat and Wed, so they are more casual on those days. Dress to impress, just keep in mind you WILL be on your feet all day and will walk several miles during the day. So the stilettos may not be the best choice.

Night Life / Events

There will be many events and gatherings. It’s a great way to network and to get to meet others in the company. Keep in mind why you are here and the sessions start early, Diana says “You can’t fly with the turkeys at night and soar with the eagles in the morning” If you have time, go by the police station. New Orleans is known for its Jazz and Jazz parades. In order to have a parade you need a permit, so musicians hangout in front of the police station playing music all day waiting for someone to hire them. The music is amazing!


Be careful and aware of you surroundings at all times. Most everyone is on the up and up and just having fun. However there are pick pockets and some thieves. Place your money in a place that is hard to reach. Pick pockets will bump into you or have someone else distract you while another person grabs your stuff. Be smart, travel in a group and place your money in your front pockets.

Scott Fogleman is an associate broker will Keller Williams Realty ad founder of the Greater Good Group. He has attended 7 Keller Williams Family Reunions so far.  Scott's team serves Lynchburg, Roanoke, Richmond and the surrounding counties of Virginia.